July 24, 2014

Hi all you L-towners, a term I was not familiar with before. When I sort of became a member of this prestigious group in 1968, I was what I now call a man/boy, 23, with a degree in accounting and also an Army veteran.

This Brooklyn born transplanted, with no particular place to go or life plan had a roommate from college living at 69 Begonia Lane with two other guys. I got a job in Willow Grove, pencil pushing weekdays. I was also working part time evenings running a recreation program at ST. Francis, a home for dependent neglected young boys, off of Rt. 95 and Street Rd. in Bensalem. I loved working those nights, but not so much doing my day job.

We four guys lived the life, wine, women and song. If you passed a touch football game on a field adjoining Pennsbury High school that game may have been us and a few of our cohorts, spending our energy on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon before doing what the sixties defined as Partying, either in Liquid refreshment establishments or at our resort, 69 Begonia.

When it became apparent that our life styles weren’t appreciated by our neighbors, we held a parting gala that may still be referred to as a classic, all these years later.
I then found a place in a complex, paying $55 a month, some $80 dollars less than other tenants in a place called Fallsington Manor. It may have not mattered to me that I lived above the noisy, hot boiler room or that there was no lock on the front door. I had a trained cat, George who when I once came home had a moaning German shepherd cornered and thankful for my rescue of him.

I went on to get my teaching credentials and may have taught a few of you readers at a place called Looking Glass. Not exactly a full-time L-towner, but……..

Ira Padow

Ira is a locally retired teacher and writer. You can read Ira’s blog at his place.