Written by Kevin Deeny

We all wait for that first snow fall of the year – some dreading it and all the work it requires and all the mess it brings. But as kids growing up in Levittown, we loved it. Being waist high in a snow drift, ice skating at Silver Lake with vendors selling hot chocolate, sledding behind Walter Miller school, and building snow forts at a friend’s house. We were always outside and didn’t seem to be aware of the cold. As adults now, there doesn’t seem to be as much time to enjoy the winter snow – we worry about the delay for our commute and wait anxiously for the plow to clear the road so that we can be on our way.

Lately though, I have found a way to bring some of that enjoyment back. When it snows, I stuff my camera in a backpack and go where I can in the snow and shoot what presents itself – often without prior planning. In this area, if find myself in familiar places; Bristol along the river, Core Creek and Tyler parks, Washington’s Crossing and Playwiki to name a few. I have traveled to New Hampshire for no other purpose than to take photographs in the snow and wandered in an Arizona pine forest in search of a winter’s view of a copse of Aspen trees. I have always been struck by the quiet of these places in the snow and the heightened sense that comes with the experience.

Enjoy the coming season.


Originally published in the Levittown Leader