Several years ago I arranged to send flowers to my wife at work on our anniversary. After picking the arrangement, I dictated the message for the card to the salesperson at the counter and she assured me they would be delivered that day. Although “Thank-you for all of the years of wedded bliss” was far from original, it was a heartfelt sentiment.

My wife came home from work that day and smiled when she carried in her flower arrangement, kissed me and handed me the card and said, “Loved the card”. I opened the card and read “Thank-you for all of the years of wedded blitz”. I think we both laughed till we cried. After raising four children and managing two careers with all of the demands that life brings, we thought this was perhaps more apt. We’ve learned to be open to those little nuggets of wisdom wherever they come from. Wedded blitz indeed.


Kevin Deeny (a lifelong Levittown resident)