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For Marsha: Dedicated to a Levittown Teacher

*An original work presented as a Christmas gift to my wife years ago.* Amid the laughter and anticipation of the approaching holiday party, one boy was quieter  than the others and a little uneasy when his classmates talked about exchanging… Continue Reading →

Remembering the Global 2000 Report

**This piece has been modified from the version previously published in the Levittown Leader.** Does anyone remember the Global 2000 Report?  Perhaps you know of it by a different name – the Doomsday Report. Living in Levittown in the late… Continue Reading →

Wedded Blitz

Several years ago I arranged to send flowers to my wife at work on our anniversary. After picking the arrangement, I dictated the message for the card to the salesperson at the counter and she assured me they would be… Continue Reading →

Personal Essay: PONDERING

Not too long ago I had a client call me and ask if I had any comments on the email he sent. He sent it five minutes before he called and wondered why I hadn’t commented yet. I laughed. And… Continue Reading →

The Magic of a Movie-Going Experience in Levittown: Then and Now

I love movies. I have since I was a kid. I remember at a young age going to the drive-in theater on Rte 1 with my parents in a car packed full of kids. We had a lot of kids… Continue Reading →


*This piece was previously published in the Levittown Leader.* My wife and I had the chance to visit The Wilds, which is a wildlife conservation and safari-type park near Zanesville, Ohio. The conservation park, which is affiliated with the Columbus… Continue Reading →

The Parking Lot Index

Everybody has their own sense about how the economy is working. I admit to being confused about the many talking head interpretations I hear on the news. The crazy up and down roller coaster stock market defies any logic I… Continue Reading →

Where Did Levittown Go?

*This piece by Kevin Deeny has been updated from its original publication in the Levittown Leader.* Levittown, Pennsylvania has always had an identity problem. It is as Dianne Harris notes in her book “The Second Suburb: Levittown, PA”, that our… Continue Reading →

A Girl and Her Dog in the Levittown PA Greenbelt

When my parents first moved to Levittown PA, they settled in Magnolia Hill. Our street ran perpendicular to the drive (of course) and the wooded strip along Levttitown Parkway. I was eight when we lived there in 1956 and even… Continue Reading →

Black Ditch Creek

  My best friend lived behind me in Goldenridge when we were both perhaps 6 or 7 years old. Jimmy’s father “Big Jim” was an electrician at Rohm and Haas, and often talked about his days growing up in North… Continue Reading →

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