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The Magic of a Movie-Going Experience in Levittown: Then and Now

I love movies. I have since I was a kid. I remember at a young age going to the drive-in theater on Rte 1 with my parents in a car packed full of kids. We had a lot of kids… Continue Reading →

A Girl and Her Dog in the Levittown PA Greenbelt

When my parents first moved to Levittown PA, they settled in Magnolia Hill. Our street ran perpendicular to the drive (of course) and the wooded strip along Levttitown Parkway. I was eight when we lived there in 1956 and even… Continue Reading →

Black Ditch Creek

  My best friend lived behind me in Goldenridge when we were both perhaps 6 or 7 years old. Jimmy’s father “Big Jim” was an electrician at Rohm and Haas, and often talked about his days growing up in North… Continue Reading →

Sneaking into the L.P.R.A. Pool

I grew up in Levittown at a time when it was teeming with kids. There were always enough kids in the neighborhood for a pick-up game of baseball or touch football and on summer nights many of us would look… Continue Reading →

A Moment in Time

  I have found old photographs to be fascinating. This one for instance, taken in Levittown in 1964, captures the display of the newly arrived police cars (1965 models) for the Bristol Township Police Department.  Standing next to each car… Continue Reading →

A Patch of Light

One of my earliest memories dates back to when I was perhaps 4 years old living in Levittown. By then, we lived in a house known as a “Levittowner” – a single storey ranch style house in the Magnolia Hill… Continue Reading →

    I’ve lived most of my life in Levittown Pennsylvania. There was a time that I thought I would move away, but these days (pre-retirement), I’m not really looking to leave. I’m a second generation L-town girl, after all…. Continue Reading →

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