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Written by Kevin Deeny We all wait for that first snow fall of the year – some dreading it and all the work it requires and all the mess it brings. But as kids growing up in Levittown, we loved… Continue Reading →

Standard of Care: An Opinion

The term Standard of Care has legal meaning in our society; we typically consider it in a medical context, but the term also applies more broadly. It refers to the duty of care that we have for one another and… Continue Reading →

Proactive Ignorance – An Opinion

I think we have all experienced situations when someone sets out to actively avoid knowing something – even with ourselves. We’ve done it occasionally like when we avoid looking under the hood of our car to find the source of the… Continue Reading →

Speak Truth to Power – An Exploration

Lately, I’ve heard the phrase “Speak Truth to Power” in a lot of political commentary. The phrase is very succinct and packs a great deal of meaning in four words. The common understanding I have of the phrase is that… Continue Reading →

After Midnight

The chair creaked as it rocked back and forth. It seemed loud to him, but at one o’clock in the morning when the rest of the world was asleep, sound seemed to be magnified. The baby was still asleep. He… Continue Reading →

One Experience During a March for Science

I have worked in the environmental field for over 40 years and had been greatly concerned about the rhetoric related to environmental issues during the election. The present budget proposal that would drastically cut the funding for science agencies with… Continue Reading →

Health Insurance – An Opinion

I’ve never really understood how we got where we are with health care in this country. It always surprised me that the major conduit for the provision of health care was an employer. Really – what does an employer have… Continue Reading →

I Hate to Fly

*Written by Kevin Deeny. Previously published in the Lower Bucks Leader.* I hate to fly. Well to be more accurate, I really don’t hate the flying part. I have enjoyed many flights. One in particular I recall from many years… Continue Reading →

How We Voted

**Originally published in the Lower Bucks Reader. Written by Kevin Deeny.** How We Voted We are a people with different concepts of where we are now and where we would like to be in the future. The election process in… Continue Reading →

When I Am Ten

“When I am ten, I will run fast and climb big trees.” -Noah, 2016 Some nights my wife and I help get our grandkids settled and into bed when our son-in-law works nights as an ER nurse. After teeth are… Continue Reading →

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